What are the amenities you are providing at hotel Rooms?
Guest Rooms at Hwy 59 Motel Laredo are furnished with refrigerator, Free High Speed Wi-Fi Internet, Iron and Ironing boards, Ice and Vending machines and Satellite 40" Flat screen TV

 What is the check-in and check-out time for the Hwy 59 Motel Laredo property in Laredo TX ?
Hotel check-in starts from 2:00 PM and check-out time is 11:00 AM afterwards the rooms have to get cleaned for the upcoming arrivals.

 What are the features facilities by your Hwy 59 Motel Laredo hotel?
Our Hwy 59 Motel Laredo provides different facilities like Refresh with a few laps in the out pool /indoor pool and more

 What are the things to do and see at Hwy 59 Motel Laredo?
Top places to visit and things to do near Hwy 59 Motel Laredo are Laredo International Airport, Laredo Medical Center, TAMAI University, UISD Sports Activity Center, Laredo Outlet Shops, Mall de Norte, Lake Casa Blanca Park and more

 How to reach the Hwy 59 Motel Laredo in Laredo TX ?
Our Hwy 59 Motel Laredo hotel is at 2503 E.Saunders Ave near Laredo International Airport

 Where can I find the reviews and rating for Hwy 59 Motel Laredo Hotel in Laredo TX ?
Most of gust Staying with us are happy with our services, comfort & location , check Guest reviews at
1) Newly constructed Hwy 59 Motel

 How do I book the room at Hwy 59 Motel Laredo located in Laredo TX ?
Book Your Room from:
It’s Easy & faster way to book rooms click below and choose your desired dates to book rooms easily :
1) www.hwy59motel.com
2) Call on Phone: +1 (210) 865-8266 to book room

 Why do you consider Hwy 59 Motel Laredo Property the best hotel in Laredo TX ?
Our Hwy 59 Motel Laredo Hotel offers convenient, comfortable, affordable accommodations with great location and easy access to top city business & Tourist attractions. Our Hwy 59 Motel Laredo hotel facilities best amenities at your stay. When you choose to stay with us at Hwy 59 Motel Laredo you’re choosing comfort, affordability and convenience in a great part of TX. May have we be of great service to you and your family or colleagues